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The Identity Management Opportunity is Huge.

5% of job applicants lie on their resumes. Most, seeing this fact, will conclude more enforcement is needed. We decided to solve a problem that leads to a big opportunity — the global blockchain identity management market is expected to reach USD7.3B by 2025.

NextID was created with a vision of making verifiable credentials available to institutions, governments and the common man, and make daily life easier.

We envision a world where sovereign identity and control of our personally identifiable information is the norm. Forward thinking companies, institutions and government agencies partner with us to create a future of trust, while relying on our proven industry-leading service to improve productivity and reduce time and manpower for certification, while eliminating fraud.

Millions of certificates are issued every year, and the numbers will only increase. Now is the time to act together for a secure, verifiable future, today. NextID welcomes you to be a front-runner in your industry and create a future of trust, together.

Management Team

Bill Claxton, CEO

Bill Claxton


More than a decade selling education technology. Early Bitcoin investor who served as Operations Director of fintech startup KYC Chain Ltd. He also ran the blockchain startup advisory Ledgeris, with several concurrent projects, including Diamundi, Velox, AIVON, and EastWind Trading.

Aen Tan, Design/UX

Aen Tan


One of Asia Pacific’s most highly-regarded software product designers. He has architected product experiences for several exited regional startups. His portfolio includes work done for SONY, Yahoo, Verifone, The Miele Guide, Rakuten ViKi, MyDoc and Intersective.


Paul Odermatt

Paul earned his MBA from the Lucerne School of Business. He discovered blockchain technology in 2012 and has since gained an in-depth knowledge of this field. With his broad expertise, he initiated and project managed the successful asset token project known as CROWDLITOKEN.

Use Cases


Issue batch certificates for all your programs and students, easily on the cloud. They will never lose their certificate again.

Human Resources

Provide internal certification, licenses and references with ease. Be part of a movement to eradicate CV fraud to remove costly hiring mistakes.


Provide state-of-the-art, secure licenses for inter-agency and public service purposes, all the while improving productivity and customer satisfaction, and reducing costs.

How We Work Together

Step 1

Get started

Get an email with a link to set up your admin account.

Step 2

Set up

Create and configure your organisations, then add users.

Step 3


Upload your certificate records and review imported data.

Step 4


Issue your certificates to secure storage and blockchain.

NextID’s certificate issuance service helps schools safely make the transition from paper to digital diplomas and transcripts. We are proud to be partnered with NextID.

Veronica Andrino

Founder of Adsolve
The Philippines


The transcripts and certificates you issue are tamper-free using blockchain technology, built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Yes, batch certification means that you can write multiple certificates to the blockchain for effeciency and reduced gas costs.

Yes, you can use pre-designed or custom designed templates which are responsive for multiple devices and screen sizes.

Yes, re-issue lost keys and certificates easily from an infinite issuance trail.

Yes, you store certificate data securely encrypted-at-rest, in immutable storage. Administer and grant team mates with secure private access in the cloud. We use MTCS Level 3 cloud security certification the standard for Singapore government data.

You can be assured with ISO 27001 information security, and SOC 2/3 service process standards.

You safeguard privacy with software designed for PDPA, GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

There is support for emerging open standards in decentralised identity and verifiable credentials. Issue certificates in multiple formats including OpenCerts and BlockCerts.

You will enjoy access to your own program success team that will provide training, support and guide you every step of the way. Experience the joy of no downtime with our world-class infrastructure, guaranteed with Service Level Agreement.

We have worked with conference producers, education providers and government agencies, and are building our partnership base every day. Talk to us for any specific questions or needs you may have.

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