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NextCert helps you produce next-generation academic and professional certificates, that are cryptographically secure and verifiable.

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Next-gen certs for next-gen institutions.

The efficiency and certainty of blockchain, with everyday ease-of-use.


Sign and issue tamper-free certificates and transcripts using blockchain technology.

Ethereum Blockchain

Issue and verify certificates on the Ethereum blockchain via smart contracts.

Batch issuance

Write multiple certificates at a time to the blockchain for efficiency and reduced gas costs.

Multiple formats

Issue certificates in multiple open formats, including OpenCerts and BlockCerts.

Custom templates

Render certificates in responsive templates that work on multiple devices and screen sizes.


Share certificates with employers and schools, as links, QR codes, and more.


Eliminate 3rd-party verification requests and save staff time and costs.

Temporary access

Grant temporary access to certificates in time-locked storage with temporary burnable keys.

Recoverable data

Re-issue lost keys and certificates easily from an infinite issuance trail.

Encryption at-rest

Store certificate data securely encrypted at-rest, in immutable storage.

Secure cloud

Administer and grant team access with secure private access in the cloud.

Gov-grade Security

Meet MTCS level 3 cloud security certification, the standard for Singapore government data.

Isolated instances

Host your system in its own isolated and protected cloud-computing instance.

Process compliance

Be assured with ISO 27001 information security, and SOC 2/3 service process standards.

Privacy compliance

Safeguard privacy with software designed for PDPA, GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

Open standards

Support for emerging standards in decentralised identity and verifiable credentials.

Training and support

Enjoy access to your own program success team that will guide you every step of the way.

Guaranteed uptime

Experience no downtime with world-class infrastructure, guaranteed with Service Level Agreement.

Partners and customers

NextID works with technology leaders to bring NextCert to institutions ready to adopt next-generation certificates.

GovTech Singapore

GovTech Singapore

The Singapore government’s digital transformation arm which developed OpenCerts in cooperation with the OpenCerts Consortium.



The open source schema and tools for generating cryptographic protections for educational credentials developed by GovTech Singapore.



A Blockchain research and development laboratory and consultancy designing and building decentralised systems.



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Echelon Asia Summit

Echelon Asia Summit

Asia's tech ecosystems gather on a digital platform and in conferences across Southeast Asia to celebrate startups at the forefront of disruption.

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