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NextCert helps you produce next generation academic & professional certificates, that are cryptographically secure and verifiable.

How it works


Academic institutions and career training providers can digitally sign and issue tamper-proof certificates and transcripts in the OpenCerts format, with our easy-to-use NextCert web service. 


Recipients of NextCerts are able to selectively share their verifiable academic and professional credentials with no possibility of forgery.  They can also print hard copies, for framing.


Employers and continuing education
providers do not contact the Issuer at all.  Using a verification tool, they can easily confirm that a certificate is tamper-free and digitally signed by the issuing institution. 

Increases operational efficiency and excellence, saving you time and money.


  • Our NextCert service can be deployed almost immediately upon request.  No infrastructure and minimal integration of user authentication is required from your institution.
  • Admissions staff reduce operational costs, reduce outsourcing, eliminate risk of forgery and produce their own certificates in batch mode.  
  • Third-party verification requests are eliminated almost immediately, further saving staff time.

The Complete Certificate Service

With NextCert, verifiable credentials are encrypted and stored permanently.  Each recipient receives a ‘personal key’ which is used to open and share their credentials in the form of one or more digitally signed certificates.  Only with the recipient’s permission can anyone access the shared certificates, and this permission is limited and revocable.  Using NextCert, the identity owner is empowered to an extent not possible with paper-based credentials.

Protect Your Institution’s Brand

  • A high degree of trust is invested into the diplomas and certificates issued by your institution.  With forgery a major concern, you need to provide a better credential, and you want to review verifiable credentials from your own applicants. 
  • Providing your graduates with NextCert credentials will build trust with employers and education partners and will reflect positively on your institution’s brand.

A complete certificate service

NextCert gives you all the tools to issue, manage and verify certificates and credentials at scale, with speed and ease. 



Issuance is a SAAS service and your institution has private access.  The published certificates are encrypted and placed into immutable storage.


Time Stamped

In addition to confirming data structure, the verification process checks authorship and time stamp against a signature written to the blockchain.



NextCert certificates belong to the recipient and not the issuer.  They are shareable structured data, transmitted by email or using a QR code.



Each certificate is stored in an encrypted file so that no one but the recipient and whomever is granted permission, may access the data.



NextCerts use the OpenCerts data schema, which confirms the data structure of the certificate. PDF-based certs can’t do this.



In event that a recipient loses their key, either the issuer can create a new cert or the key can be recovered using information known to the recipient.

Always On And Secure

NextCert is engineered to meet or exceed exacting security demands and compliance requirements.

Isolated data stores

Each client is hosted in its own Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance.  Issuer data is isolated from other issuers.

Process Compliance

NextCert will comply with the ISO 27001 information security, and SOC 2 (or the simpler SOC 3) service process standards.

Government Grade Security

Each deployment will meet MTCS level 3 cloud security certification – the standard for Singapore government data.


Data Privacy Safeguards

NextCert is compliant with PDPA, GDPR and HIPAA data privacy regulations.  Personally identifying information is encrypted at rest.


Guaranteed Uptime

NextCert assures 99.99% uptime backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Open Standards

We are supporting emerging standards for decentralised identity and verifiable credentials.  These will reshape the identity management industry in years ahead.

Training and support, every step of the way

Enjoy access to your own program success team that will guide you through set up, customization, deployment and training, to make the best of NextCert.

NextID Wallet

We are also developing an ID wallet, expected to be released later in 2019.  The ID wallet software is a mobile app for individuals to manage and share certificates issued in compliance with relevant standards, created by our company or other vendors.  

 We initially implemented OpenCerts and plan to support other popular certificate formats in the future.  We are working with open source libraries and will also contribute shareable source code back to the developer community.

The ID wallet is free for end-users and can be co-branded with a certificate granting institution.  This wallet can also be used to manage and share personal information such as scanned copies of passports, paper diplomas and other types of credentials.

Coming Soon.

About Us

NextID is a startup focused on decentralised identity management, based in Singapore.  Our expanding team of engineers, designers, business managers, marketing executives and support staff is dedicated to creating a future in which sovereign ownership and control of our personally identifiable information is the norm. We believe in crafting tools that are easy to understand and use, to help everyone advance into that future.

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