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Archival document storage and retrieval is a vast global business experiencing rapid digitalisation. Many corporations and their vendors have ceased storing paper and instead they scan and digitise every document. Some, like engineering designs, accounting records and legal contracts, are already digitised. We can provide the certification that will enable relying parties to verify the authenticity of such documents, and confirm that they have not been superseded by newer editions.
Example Use Case
In 2022, Singapore’s Accounting & Regulatory Authority (ACRA) will be introducing a service known as TrustBar. Using technology similar to NextCert, this service allows users to verify authenticity and check the currency of ACRA’s documents such as Business Profiles and Business Certificates. Trustbar places a QR code on each document which is linked to a verifiable attestation. In this manner, a relying party can verify the authenticity of documents purported to be issued by ACRA.
There are several benefits to this approach:
  • Reduce business cost and improve work efficiency
  • Detect and deter fraudulent documents
  • Make informed decision based on currency of information
Get in touch and let’s see how our API services can automate the generation of digital attestations and QR codes for your document management system.

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