Social KYC

We will soon be introducing the NextCert Wallet, a credentials wallet for storing multiple certificates and token rewards. This presents a great opportunity to enable registration and attendance for online courses, meetups, medical consults or myriad other activities taking place in the metaverse. It solves the problem of properly identifying certificate recipients.
NextCert wallet is a browser extension that provides a gateway to the KILT blockchain identity protocol and Web3 services. Each NextCert wallet will contain a W3C compliant Decentralised Identifier (DID) and it will store any number of W3C compliant Verifiable Credentials. The wallet gives users full control over their personal data, while managing public/private key pairs behind the scenes. Individuals can add credentials to their wallet and selectively share them, without disclosing other personal information.
Once users have the NextCert wallet, they can easily and securely perform Know Your Customer (KYC) verifications. Instead of biometric KYC based on a scanned passport and a selfie photo, the user of NextCert can share their Social KYC.
We all know that having a good social media profile takes time to build up and these are the profiles that we share without hesitation. To build a Social KYC, the user simply proves that they are in control of social media accounts such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord and LinkedIn. This adds credentials to the NextCert wallet. Having saved these credentials in their wallet, it’s easy and non-intrusive to sign up for online courses and other events.
We will complement Social KYC with certificates of participation and achievement stored in the NextCert wallet. Also, we will enable certificate issuers the ability to offer token rewards, payable directly into the wallet.
“Social KYC is a killer app for decentralised identity, enabling a whole new generation of Web3 services.”
We believe that Social KYC is a killer app for decentralised identity, enabling a whole new generation of Web3 services to operate without use of passwords and without relying on central authorities such as Facebook and Google for identity verification.

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