Certificate of Authenticity

Create a certificate of authenticity for your digital art.
Our service creates a verifiable digital certificate which you can add to an NFT, share socially or just print it and apply to the back of your physical art.
Here is a link to a sample certificate. Study it to see how the data you enter into our form will appear on the certificate layout.

Our certificates can be verified by downloading the Open Attestation file using the export feature in the certificate viewer, visiting the OpenCerts verification page, and following the instructions there.

A certificate issued by NextID on this site is anchored to the Ethereum public blockchain and it is compatible with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard for verifiable credentials. We are using the same OpenCerts technology which is used by all tertiary educational institutions in Singapore for their degrees and certificates. This is also the same technology as HealthCerts, which provides verifiable proof of Covid-19 test results and vaccination status.

This means you can rely on these certificates to be non-forgeable and tamper-proof. Not only do you have this assurance, but the buyers of your art and the galleries or marketplaces you work with will be able to rely on your certificate to verify the authenticity of your work. If you are an artist who sells NFTs (ie- Non Fungible Tokens which represent certain rights in relation to your art), the certificate provides you an indisputable proof of provenance. And it’s based on your own attestation, in the same manner as the copyright you assert when you create the work.

What you receive from this service is a link to a digital file, your certificate of authenticity. You can download the file or leave it hosted in the cloud. It is permanent and unchangeable. You can also print out a copy or save a PDF, to suit various types of use.
When you upload a digital art file, you are not hosting the art with us. We simply process the file to produce a digital digest known as a ‘hash’, the long text string shown under the heading ‘Certificate of Authenticity’. The way hashing works is that a unique hexadecimal fingerprint is created from your original copyrighted art, and it can be compared to any later copy. If there is even a tiny change in the artwork, the hash will be completely different!

We also create a thumbnail of your art, along with a thumbnail of your signature image. These are embedded into the certificate and then deleted from our system. Periodically we also purge our system of the original artwork files, as we have no interest in them other than to produce certificates.

So, you should not be concerned that we are keeping your art works or signature images. We are fully GDPR and PDPA compliant. If we learn that any certificate was wrongfully produced, we may revoke it.
If you would like to be able to create many certificates, store them as a collection and designate colleagues to issue and manage your certificates, you can create an account on our hosted NextCert application. NextCert is a professional certificate issuance application supporting a variety of use cases in education, awards, healthcare and, of course, digital media authentication.

Prices are very affordable, with packages based either on the number of certificates used or an annual subscription. To learn more, please send email to admin [at] nextid.com.

By completing this simple form you are providing data which is going to personalize the certificate. After submitting, you will receive an email with a link to the certificate, which you can forward to your hero by email, phone message or social media.
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Tip Jar

Each certificate costs about US$ 10 at current gas rates. Please take a moment to donate some Ether and help sustain this service.


Certificate produced using NextCert™ by NextID Pte Ltd
Privacy Policy: NextID will not use your email address for any purpose other than to supply your certificate. We will not share your data with anyone.


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