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Our issuance software was originally based on the OpenCerts technology developed by GovTech, the national infrastructure arm of the Singapore government. Later, the OpenCerts technology was rebranded as the OpenAttestation (OA) framework. The OA framework was a set of command line utilities (suitable only for geeks) and our NextCert was the first web-based end-user service for issuance of OpenCerts and later HealthCerts.
What makes NextCert unique is its ease-of-use and flexibility. We pay all the gas fees, so our customers do not have to worry about managing wallets and they don’t even have to learn about cryptocurrency. Customers simply log into their account, upload certificate data from a spreadsheet, review and then issue certs in a batch. Once issued, the customer can send email notifications to individuals or all recipients in a batch. We are able to avoid having mails flagged as spam and we also can provide detailed mail delivery reports.
In terms of flexibility, we like to describe NextCert as a “multifunction printer for digital certs”. NextCert supports multiple blockchains, for a wide variety of business use cases and our customers can upload attractive layouts in HTML and CSS. No coding is required to switch blockchain, data schema or graphical layout.
Another flexibility is multi-tenancy. An Issuer can create multiple Producers to issue certificates on their behalf, for projects, departments or use by partner organisations (such as event planners). Each Producer has their own user admins, layouts, email templates, batches and reports. None of our competitors offer this feature.
NextCert is a SaaS cloud service. It runs 24 x 7 with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. We meet high standards for resilience and data security. Each customer’s data is segregated from others and our larger customers (producing over 10k certs per year) can have their own dedicated instance. The solution is compliant with GDPR and Singapore’s PDPA.
Other vendors produce bespoke issuance solutions and layouts for each customer. We do not. We offer the same mature and well-tested product to all customers, and we are constantly upgrading it to keep up with the latest requirements.

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