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Throughout the pandemic, there has been a massive uptake in online courses and recently many course providers have been moving their content to more interactive metaverse platforms. It is obvious that these courses must deliver verifiable digital certificates of participation. A numbered PDF is not sufficient – it can be easily tampered with. Our certificates are blockchain-based and support the W3C Verifiable Credentials data format.
What’s less obvious is that course providers need a means to assure that these certs are delivered to specific individuals who have met whatever prerequisites may be stipulated. For this, we recommend requiring attendees to use a digital wallet and participate in Social KYC to identify themselves. Social KYC allows the individual course attendees to identify themselves using their accounts with services like Gmail, Twitter, Discord and other services.
To introduce Social KYC does not have to be an ‘all or nothing’ decision. Course providers can incentivise adoption with a checkmark or other signifier in their certificate of completion.

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