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Asset Tokenisation

Certificates produced by NextCert can be converted into NFTs. This can make it possible to produce NFTs for transferable (and tradeable) assets such as a crate of wine, rare whiskey, collectible items and even real estate. The certificate layout can use artwork similar to the wine or whiskey label, collectible branding or real estate sales brochures. The certificates can be attested by both the seller and an independent reviewer or authority. These images can be uploaded to storage when the NFT is issued.
Another compelling use case for certificates are tradeable coupons. The digital coupons market is worth USD 5b each year. Digital coupons are incredibly easy to distribute and can be sent by email, text or push notifications, among other methods. However, coupon fraud is a large and increasing problem, especially for Print At Home coupons. Coupon scams hurt retailers and the brands.
But coupon scams can be avoided. A company’s marketing department can produce digital certs in large quantities, each representing a discount voucher or other ‘special offer’. These can be converted into tradeable NFTs, delivered directly to a customer’s wallet. This eliminates coupon fraud and simplifies redemption too – the tokens can simply be burned. Tradeable NFTs also allow brands to recoup some of the value when a coupon is traded on Ebay, Groupon or other marketplaces.
If your business is producing coupons, talk to us about reducing fraud and simplifying redemption by using verifiable digital certificates and NFTs

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