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Employee recognition leads to higher retention. Digital certificates achieve this and also enable social sharing.
The employee recognition industry is a multi-billion dollar business in the midst of rapid transformation due to digitalization. Instead of rewarding performance with plaques and medals, modern corporations are awarding digital certificates of achievement and recording this information in a competency database which can be used to identify the staff with certified skills for each project.
“Continuing education is a regulatory requirement for attorneys, bankers, accountants, doctors, insurance agents and realtors.”
Singex was the first company in Singapore to award continuing education points in the form of digital certs, using the technology of NextCert. We feel that this is a better way to recognise professional certification and it’s certainly much faster than traditional methods.
Your HR or Training Director can sign up for NextCert and either convert existing certs to digital format, or create a new layout which better reflects your brand and honours your digitalization journey. Recognition leads to better retention. When your staff proudly share their certificates on LinkedIn or other social media channels, it will drive recognition of your organisation’s status as a top employer. This is only the beginning, as your organisation can also begin to recognise digital certs from applicants as well as providing exit summaries in the form of digital certificates.
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