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NextCert was the very first web-based service to provide degree certificates compliant with OpenCerts framework. Since this innovation in 2019, NextCert has continuously evolved and now provides the most trusted certificates using the most attractive layouts.
Academic credentials is a market that was previously dominated by centralised 3rd-party verification services such as the Student Clearinghouse service in the USA. But these are data silos and they can literally only tell you what degree was given by which institution for the name and year typed in. They can give false negatives and false positives. They do not show the actual degree certificate for comparison with the one provided by the applicant, and the verification services are not free to use.
We provide a service which is suited to degree-granting universities or small academies, and which can be accessed throughout the world. We can also recognise sporting or extra curricular achievements. Graduates can share credentials with any institution or employer, which can perform verification instantly, resulting in quicker onboarding. Certifications can be shared via LinkedIn or other social media services, and relying parties do not need to subscribe for verifications services, which are free.
Please contact us to provide a quote for use of subscription services or our API services.

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